Drop the leaf - Hemp & cannabis market trends

Moderator and Co-creator of Panel at 2019 re:publica Fachkonferenz 'Digital Hemp' (Berlin Germany)

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Moderator and Co-creator of Panel at 2019 re:publica Fachkonferenz 'Digital Hemp' (Berlin Germany)

Meet Rebecca, a management consultant for sales, retail and manufacturing companies in the food retailing industry. She is specialised on ecologically compatible and future-oriented food and lifestyle products and related food, consumer and megatrends, ever since being at the forefront of the vegan commercialisation as a key account executive in 2014. She has been a food industry and retail professional since 2007 and has gained extensive expertise in the global food industry and the successful marketing of food & lifestyle products.

Born in the UK and raised in England and Germany by British and German parents, Rebecca has studied at universities in Germany, England and China. She gained several years of work experience as a fitness and dance instructor for children and adults during this period.

Looking back at over ten years of experience in the FMCG industry, Rebecca's business services centre on sales strategies for marketing sophisticated product assortments and sales coaching for company employees.

“What drives me is a passion for food products, which are health-conscious and truly sustainable”, says Rebecca. This naturally led her to the emerging cannabis market, where she is a member in two organisations, the CannaFem Network, a network for women, hemp and cannabis and the German Hemp Association (DHV).

Rebecca goes on to say, “It is my vision to help to commercialise environmentally sustainable products, which are marketable and compliant, to meet consumer demand and enrich peoples’ lives.”

Website link: https://fachkonferenzen19.re-publica.com/en/user/19689

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