You Are What You Eat

How food and megatrends shape customer demand

Speaker presentation at 2019 nordic organic foodFAIR (Malmö, Sweden)

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You are what you eat. – How food and megatrends shape customer demand.

In recent years consumer behaviour has drastically evolved: Once just a niche - now touching mainstream, more ecologically aware lifestyles have come to light, where sustainability is holistically reflected in all aspects of one’s behaviour and everyday life. These groups are interested in truly sustainable products and intelligent food solutions that meet today’s challenges.

Meet Rebecca, a food industry and retail professional since 2007, now turned management consultant for sales, retail and manufacturing companies in the food retailing industry. She is specialised on high-impact future-oriented foods and lifestyle products ever since being at the forefront of the vegan commercialisation as a key account executive in 2014.

In her presentation, she will show us which food and global megatrends are influencing modern day customers and which consumer types and product developments thus arise.

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